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If the adage “Change keeps the mind young” has any merit, then web marketers, designers and developers are likely aging in reverse right now. The pace of new Web Design trends and technologies continues to accelerate at an ever increasing rate.

Digital Marketing Trends

Out of a range of thousands of possible developing trends, three are briefly explored below. Each has different implications for workflows and design approaches as well as interactions with the others.

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Digital Marketing Trends

At Comtech, our design department has always held multiple responsibilities and graphic design is just one of them.

The design department is also Comtech’s prepress department. Additionally, the department is responsible for incorporating data into variable data print jobs.

These varied responsibilities require wide ranging knowledge of the processes and software used in design and print publishing today.

It’s a challenge to staff a department capable of performing all the duties we are responsible for, but we’ve put together the strongest design/prepress team we’ve ever had.

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing and it's related technologies are continually growing and evolving.

Trends that seemed fresh and innovative one minute can be rendered “old-school" or “traditional” seemingly overnight. Here are 3 trends to consider as you enjoy the autumn.


If you're one of the numerous digital marketing pros out there probing for ad space . . .

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