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Cornell in Denver Colorado was recently fined over a quarter million dollars for improperly disposing private information.

In the incident, protected paper records were not shredded, rather they were dumped in an unlocked outside trash container. The protected records exposed to “dumpster diving” included sensitive and private data.

In the modern era, when we think about data breaches, we typically think about computer attacks. It’s important to consider enforcing procedures and policies across all aspects of the business. The strength of your firewall and sophistication of your password policies are rendered irrelevant if personnel across all levels of the business are not trained and supervised correctly.

In the following discussion, we examine 3 common, often overlooked sources of data breaches.

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Comtech has been a trusted business partner to small businesses, large businesses, non-profits, universities and financial institutions for over 15 years.

Cross ChannelIn that time, multiple technologies and procedures have been implemented to insure the privacy and security of customer information and data. Now Comtech is taking the next step in providing customers the best assurance possible that their information is secure.

In 2016, Comtech will have completed preparations to undergo an objective evaluation of the procedures and controls that address Comtech’s information and data security.


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Paying through your mobile device

The new ways that you can pay for goods and services has now gone mobile. Payment systems that have been designed for mobile devices is transforming the payments system for many small businesses.

Now while these new methods that allow you to pay with your smart phone are cool and hip, the old traditional point of sale credit card terminal is far from dead. However, more small businesses are trying out the new mobile payment ecommerce systems and they're taking off.

In 2014, US mobile commerce sales hit $5.3 billion, which was up more than 80% from the previous year according to investment firm Barclays Capital. Now while this estimate is a small fraction of the overall $2.1 trillion spent on consumer goods in 2014, the mobile ecommerce growth is only increasing.

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Data quality is measured by a specific set of data’s ability to perform its intended function. That being the case, the understanding of data quality varies from industry to industry as data is being used for various functions. This particular blog post will focus solely upon data quality as it pertains to the mailing industry. Mailing list quality and customer response analytics would be the two primary areas that the mailing industry is concerned with in terms of data quality.

Perhaps you’ve been under the impression that data quality is vital only to big business, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Small business oftentimes (i.e. always!) lacks the marketing budget to be loosey-goosey with their money. In other words, every dollar counts. Dedication to data quality ensures that every dollar will in fact be put to good use.

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