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What is Data Quality and Why is it Vital?

Data quality is measured by a specific set of data’s ability to perform its intended function. That being the case, the understanding of data quality varies from industry to industry as data is being used for various functions. This particular blog post will focus solely upon data quality as it pertains to the mailing industry. Mailing list quality and customer response analytics would be the two primary areas that the mailing industry is concerned with in terms of data quality.

Perhaps you’ve been under the impression that data quality is vital only to big business, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Small business oftentimes (i.e. always!) lacks the marketing budget to be loosey-goosey with their money. In other words, every dollar counts. Dedication to data quality ensures that every dollar will in fact be put to good use.

Being negligent in monitoring data quality can lead to a severely diminished return on investment. Updating customer data with correct address information may seem cumbersome initially, but the long terms gains will pay for the hassle. Failing to develop an accurate picture of your customer base from existing customer response data is equally harmful to the bottom line. Both of these areas are critical in terms of monitoring data quality.
At Comtech, we run all of our customer’s data through various processes that improve the overall quality. We filter data removing redundant information along with address standardization. All data is run against the National Change of Address database which is being continuously updated by the USPS. Duplicate data is removed as there is rarely a need to send multiple copies of the same mail piece to the same residence. Comtech always provides our customers with a copy of the records that were deemed unmailable, and also a copy of the records that had an address update.
You may have pondered the importance of data quality before and for whatever reason decided that it was not a priority. Well, now is the time to change that! Let Comtech assist you in the process of improving your overall data quality.

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