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5 Resources for Every Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a competitive field of employment. A mix of talent, technical skill and creativity need constant updating for every designer.

Whether a seasoned creative professional or just out of college, designers must keep a deep tool chest to remain sharp. Below are five online resources every designer should use.

Adobe Color CC

Formally Adobe Kuler, Adobe's color scheme generator helps designers find the right combination of hues for any project. Easy to use, yet powerful tools for exploring complimentary and analogous color sets encourage experimentation. Integrated with Creative Cloud, designers can save, share and rate color schemes with other users.

Font Matcherator

Font Spring's Font Matcherator is a great resource for identifying a particular typeface or finding a suitable alternative font. Simply drag an image with the unknown font printed on it, and a set of simple tools guide you through identifying the letters. The site then presents a list of  matching typeface options.


Yes, Lynda. A little Lynda each day goes a long way. While the engagement level of each video training series varies, the content is always accurate and informative. An invaluable asset for keeping up with the development of design tools or training in new design disciplines. Also, if you have trouble sleeping at night, binge watching a tutorial series will typically put you under.

Free JPG

A large repository of public domain and editorial use images, Free JPG is exactly what it sounds like. Not as extensive as popular subscription stock photography sites, the content is nonetheless very high quality.

Creative Bloq

Updated daily with fresh tips and content, Creative Bloq offers pragmatic training and news for graphic designers. Worth checking regularly for inspiration and design tools to deepen a designers tool chest.

Did we mention any of your favorite online resources? Have some of your own you'd like to share? Let us now in the comments below!

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