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Take more sales from your customer list

If you’re not following this simple approach to enhance your marketing, you are leaving real money on the table.

Cross Channel

Direct Mail, despite it’s (undeserved) reputation as "old fashioned", is still the most effective direct marketing channel.

In house customer lists easily clear 3.7% response rates on average, compared to .062% for a combination of primary digital channels (social, email, display, paid and mobile).*

Old + New(er)

There are a growing variety of digital tie-in technologies that help integrate Direct Mail into digital marketing channels as well as enhance tracking (Augmented Reality, PURLs, Track-and-Trace, 2d barcodes, etc). All these and other emerging technologies have merits, and are often exciting and exotic. That said, it is important that marketers shouldn’t discount a simpler, if less glamorous, approach to integrating a Direct Mail campaign with a digital channel: Coordinated Email Campaigns.

Cross Channel

By combining a Direct Email Campaign with your Direct Mail efforts, you can actually mine responses from customers who will not respond to Direct Mail or Email Marketing alone. Reinforcing a campaigns messaging across Direct Mail and Email channels, surprisingly impressive results have emerged. We've seen conversion rates on combined Direct Mail and Email Campaigns as high as 20%! Yes, that is a real figure!

Keep it Simple

We make it simple to boost the Direct Mail projects you are already doing with coordinated Email Marketing. At Comtech, we have the experience and expertise to manage Email Marketing in conjunction with your Direct Mail without burdening you with technical and regulatory hassles: We take care of it for YOU.

Call Toll Free (855) 874-5522 to get started turbocharging your direct marketing.

*Direct Mail Association

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