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The Antepenultimate Guide to Online Copywriter Tools

Cross Channel

For many copywriters, the blank page represents new possibilities and fresh opportunities. For others, it is a nightmarish white-scape of overwhelming pressure. Regardless of where your mindset falls, getting started is the only way to proceed.

Every copywriter collects their own bags of tricks over time. Below is a brief examination of free online tools used at Comtech for mediating copywriting speed bumps.

1. Blog Topic Generator

Sometimes you just need a quick brainstorming tool to start the ideas flowing. If you find yourself required to produce a steady stream of content, day after day, week after week, a tool like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is just the thing. Enter three terms related to the subject you are writing about, and you will be provided with 5 different takes. As an automated tool, a bit of editing is often required for the suggestions, but the results are surprisingly useful.
HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

2. Online Dictionary

This one’s probably a teeny bit obvious. More than spell checking, dictionary sites can ensure that the special word you want to use means the same thing to everybody else. An example: “antepenultimate” used in the title of this post. If you find your self compelled to use a five dollar word in your post (either for personal amusement or as a point of interest), it might be a good idea to verify its meaning.
Dictionary.comCross Channel

3. Online Thesaurus

Yes, also self-evident, the thesaurus is your best bet to prevent unwanted word repetitions as you struggle to meet an arbitrarily assigned word count. If you have reached a stature in your writing career that affords you brevity, the thesaurus is still a valuable tool for removing clutter and finding that one perfectly flavored word to promulgate your point.

4. Online Clarity Analysis Tool

Another tool for cutting your copy down to the bare essentials: Hemingway Editor. Simply paste your copy into the homepage. Color coded highlighting, suggestions and readability score update in real-time as you edit. Taking the hatchet to your work has never been more rewarding. An excellent online tool for increasing clarity. Warning: if paid by the word, or a lover of adverbs, Hemingway Editor will challenge you!
Hemingway App

5. SEO Analysis

Studying how the words in your writing rank for searches is undeniably important. But where to go? Google’s Adwords ranking tools are an excellent choice. Another option is SEMrush Competitive Data. Great for sussing out those long-tail keywords, or optimizing headlines for the best results (in the title of this article, “Copywriter” vastly out performed the original choice: “Copywriting”). With SEMrush, work with individual keywords and URL’s. The site provides well curated analysis and information for optimizing your copy.
SEMrush Competitive Data

There are an endless number of continually evolving online tools to assist copywriters. No list could hope to contain every possible option. Do you have a favorite copywriting tool not mentioned above? Feel free to let us know about it here, and we might highlight it in a future post.

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