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Paradigm Shift in Progress: Marketing Data Collection

The rise of mobile.

Data giant Experian has released their 2016 Global Data Management Benchmark Report. It is a fascinating read for any Digital Marketer.

From the report:

More respondents expect their point of sale and call center channel usage to remain the same as compared to any other channel. This can be attributed to the fact that growth and originality in traditional channels has stagnated to the point where businesses are loathe to funnel energies from innovation in digital channels to improve those that have ceased to progress. These findings reflect the big data obsession as well as the permeation of technology in today’s consumerist environment. As people are presented with more choices and more ways to consume, opine, and live in the digital sphere, businesses must shift their attentions to optimizing data strategies to reflect those changes.

Experian Data Quality



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