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Well, more accurately, short-run opaque digital white printing.

No longer the exclusive product of expensive screen printing or specialty offset press jobs, digital printing now allows for the striking use of white printing on dark solid paper.

Digital white is a separate, opaque print layer that is applied in the same print run as the full color elements. This can allow vibrant, full color images on dark or even black stocks that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Additionally, digital white can be used to create stunning monochrome images on black or color stocks.

How can Digital White benefit your print jobs?

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Spot varnish has long been a mainstay of the offset print world.

Creating visual appeal and tactile impact with a sense of luxury and expense required, well, actual expense. Large print runs were more suited to manage per piece cost due to extra setup requirements.

Now, with increased availability of short run digital spot varnish, the technique can benefits a larger range of print projects.

A Varnish is a quick drying, liquid coating applied to a print piece. Spot Varnish is the use of varnishing on only specific parts or shapes of a printed piece. As an extra step in the printing process, spot varnish traditionally involves more cost and production time. Digital spot varnishing ameliorates these concerns by varnishing while printing, with reduced setup requirements.

What Can a Varnish Do for you?

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Digital Marketing Trends

At Comtech, our design department has always held multiple responsibilities and graphic design is just one of them.

The design department is also Comtech’s prepress department. Additionally, the department is responsible for incorporating data into variable data print jobs.

These varied responsibilities require wide ranging knowledge of the processes and software used in design and print publishing today.

It’s a challenge to staff a department capable of performing all the duties we are responsible for, but we’ve put together the strongest design/prepress team we’ve ever had.

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Variable Data Printing increases response rates seven times over conventional direct mail.

Direct mail campaigns have always depended on accurate, well targeted mailing lists for success. With the addition of Variable Data Printing, direct mail engages recipients in a personalized way.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) targets each recipient with a with customized mail piece. Copy, images, colors, graphics and even offers can change on each piece in a single print run. This allows the use of data to enhance relevance of the campaign for each individual.

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Find a G7 certified printing partner, or just call Comtech!

Every year, Comtech undergoes a rigorous certification audit administered by Idealliance® that ensures best practices and standards are applied to Color and Black & White printing workflows on all digital and offset-press printing equipment.

The bottom line is, Comtech does what it takes to ensure our customers get the most accurate, consistent color reproduction on all print jobsRon Franklin, Partner

In combination with superior customer service, cutting edge design and print workflows and numerous other certifications such as EFI Fiery Pro Certification, Comtech provides consistent, high-quality printed materials that make your advertising and marketing dollars worth more than other print providers.

"Our customers branding and messaging has always been a top priority for Comtech, that's why we continue to invest in the best technologies and personnel available", said Comtech owner and Oklahoma print industry veteran Ron Franklin. "The bottom line is, Comtech does what it takes to ensure our customers get the most accurate, consistent color reproduction on all print jobs, regardless of size."

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