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Why You Need More than a Design Department

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At Comtech, our design department has always held multiple responsibilities and graphic design is just one of them.

The design department is also Comtech’s prepress department. Additionally, the department is responsible for incorporating data into variable data print jobs.

These varied responsibilities require wide ranging knowledge of the processes and software used in design and print publishing today.

It’s a challenge to staff a department capable of performing all the duties we are responsible for, but we’ve put together the strongest design/prepress team we’ve ever had.

Our Addy Award winning designers, with lead Mary Sellon and former Oklahoma Gazette Production Manager/Artist Mandy Coakley, anchor the department with their experience and strong design skills. With a background in typesetting and prepress, Debbie Khalaf handles our most challenging variable data work and brings great typographic sensibilities to the team.

Finally, as department manager, my 30+ years of prepress experience gives the department an additional depth of print production and prepress knowledge that few if any design firms or departments in the state can touch. With additional support from the creatives in our Marketing and IT teams, Comtech has the experience to execute almost any print marketing project imaginable.

Whether you design and build your project yourself, hire an outside firm to do it, need work finished or changes made to an existing project or need a project designed from scratch, our design department is equipped to ensure the final product will be perfect for your needs.

When you submit your print-ready job to Comtech, our design department will preflight your files for any potential problems or errors that could derail the timely printing and delivery of your work. We will let you know of any problems found, and tell you how they can be remedied, or optionally, we can fix the problem for you. If you have an old project that needs to be updated we can take your original art files and work with you to make the revisions needed.

If the original art files aren’t available we can usually work with the print PDF and make the changes to get the project updated. We encourage customers to feel free to ask questions regarding job specific questions, the print process and best practices for problem free printing. We are happy to share our knowledge.

And of course, our design department is prepared to design your project from the ground up. Whether you need a simple business card and letterhead, a company logo, a complex design piece with die cutting and embossing or a complete campaign, our design team is ready to impress you.

Our design team enjoys working together, having fun, producing awesome designs and making sure our customers get what they want. If you’ve been a Comtech customer but never used our design services, we encourage you to consider us for your next project. If you’re just shopping for design right now, give us a try. We think you’ll love the results.

To learn More about Comtech's Design Design Capabilities, Call Comtech Toll Free (855) 874-5522.

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