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Why We Love Variable Data Direct Mail (and you should too!)

Variable Data Printing increases response rates seven times over conventional direct mail.

Direct mail campaigns have always depended on accurate, well targeted mailing lists for success. With the addition of Variable Data Printing, direct mail engages recipients in a personalized way.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) targets each recipient with a with customized mail piece. Copy, images, colors, graphics and even offers can change on each piece in a single print run. This allows the use of data to enhance relevance of the campaign for each individual.

The applications for Variable Data Printing are endless. With the consideration of a few best practices, VDP can be a powerful tool for the direct marketer:

Stick to the facts:

Only use details actually present in your data source. Making guesses about ethnicity, gender or other traits based on a name is dangerous. An error here can damage a brand and annoy, if not anger, a potential or existing customer.

Data and more data:

Not all mailing lists are equal. The more recipient data available, the more targeted a VDP campaign can be. Maintaining data for customer purchasing histories and prospect preferences grows VDP options. In addition to surveys, mailing lists can have data appended through service providers.

Quality control, get it right:

Variable data direct mail campaigns require higher quality control than traditional direct mail. Procedures to sample accuracy at every stage of production are essential. From design, list generation, printing and mailing, it is vital that quality checks are in place. Success depends on each recipient receiving the correct personalized elements in their mail piece.

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