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5 Reasons You Should Invest In Spot Varnish

Spot varnish has long been a mainstay of the offset print world.

Creating visual appeal and tactile impact with a sense of luxury and expense required, well, actual expense. Large print runs were more suited to manage per piece cost due to extra setup requirements.

Now, with increased availability of short run digital spot varnish, the technique can benefits a larger range of print projects.

A Varnish is a quick drying, liquid coating applied to a print piece. Spot Varnish is the use of varnishing on only specific parts or shapes of a printed piece. As an extra step in the printing process, spot varnish traditionally involves more cost and production time. Digital spot varnishing ameliorates these concerns by varnishing while printing, with reduced setup requirements.

What Can a Varnish Do for you?


  • Add emphasis to certain images or typography
  • Enhance color in graphics and photography
  • Add visual and tactile interest
  • Protect against fingerprints
  • Create a sense of importance and craftsmanship

Spot varnish can give a business card, brochure or mailer a tactile feel typically lacking in normal print. Side by side, a spot varnished piece will always generate more interest that a typical one.

Have you hesitated to use spot varnish on your work due to cost or required volume? With the advent of more affordable digital solutions, now may be a good time to consider it for your next print project.

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