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What Are The Future Trends In Print?

What Are The Future Trends In Print?

Digital printing has been consistently on the rise for the past 5 years, and is currently overtaking Lithography in terms of printing production numbers. Digital printing will grow another 30% in 2014 and shows no signs of slowing down.

In a recent survey of print professionals, here are some things that they had to say:

55% of print professionals say their top investment priority over the next 3 years is a digital infrastructure, which includes workstations, servers, software for printing, etc. With the initial outlay of cash at the beginning, these capital expenditures can be very large and can seem very risky. However, with the forecasts of print leaning more towards fast turnaround and digital technology, these large acquisitions will pay off in the very short term.


digital printingReduced costs - Making the transition to digital printing will lower client costs for the printer by 30%. This is mainly due to the fact that digital printing machines have less moving parts than traditional offset printing. There is also the benefit with digital printing that eliminates the need for plates and expensive ink and developers.

While there are costs associated with all digital printers, the benefits of having digital over offset printing far out-weigh the expense. This lower operating costs as compared to the offset printing machines, make the appeal much greater for the digital printing machines.

Business Growth

In a recent survey of high end print shops, 4 out of 5 printers say that digital printing has increased their profits. Printing technology from digital printers have increased printing speeds by 50% by allowing printers to run more jobs with less waste and more accuracy. This has also led to an increase in customer acquisition and retention and an increase in customer service.

Color growth is exploding at a rapid pace

Because of recent advancements in digital and inkjet printing, printing with these methods have become much more affordable. Estimates are predicting global print production to exceed 1 trillion pages. With digital printing you have the option of printing a lower run of your job so that you can save money on testing ad campaigns.

Digital Print Enables Smarter Marketing

When you incorporate digital printing you can use technology like variable data that makes your printing come alive and make your direct mail marketing have a much higher response. Variable data is the process of changing out names and images and other data on printed pieces that create a more personal response.

With variable data, you can customize your printing to target specific demographics and niches so that your advertising will have a much greater impact. Creating direct mail that targets specific demographics and gender etc, will always outperform just blasting everyone with the same message.

49 percent of recently surveyed print professionals, agree that using variable data with their clients has increased their profits.

QR codes have taken printed materials by storm

What is a QR code? A QR code is a way that links the printed material to the digital world, or to your online website. I'm sure you've seen those square things on postcards that have all these boxes inside of them. Well when you scan a QR code with your smartphone, your phone reads the data from the QR code and tells your phone what website to go to. So instead of having to open up your browser and type in the url address, you simply scan in the QR code and blam you're sent directly to a webpage.

From 2010-2011, there have been an increase of over 4,549% in QR scans. More and more advertisers have jumped on the bandwagon and used QR codes in their direct mail pieces, so the numbers for the QR scans for last year 2013 have also increased.

Well it looks like the realm of digital printing is here to stay and it looks like the numbers and advantages are increasing more and more as time goes by. As more and more printing professionals start to realize the benefits of digital vs the traditional old-school offset printing, there will be an even more demand for digital printing and all the other add-on technologies that go with it.

If you would like to learn more about how digital printing and variable data can be used to increase the response of your direct mail campaigns, then click on this link.


Michael Morrison

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