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What Are the Top 10 Tech Trends of 2014?

What Are the Top 10 Tech Trends of 2014?

Well here we are at the start of a new year, 2014, and all the buzz for the new technology trends are in full swing. Based on Juniper research's data, the coming year will see a massive explosion in the following trends.

1) Cities will get a whole lot smarter

There have been many plans already rolled out and in production to make all the major cities in the US much more tech savvy and able to communicate much more effectively with each other. Devices like sensors and cloud-enabled apps will connect everything from health care, to lighting to environmental data. Sensity Systems in California announced the availability of its NetSense-enabled LED luminaire portfolio. Their platform includes sensors and high-bandwidth networking that enables data to be collected and monitored in real-time. IBM is doing a similar thing in San Francisco calling it Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) and they're monitoring transportation, hospitals, electricity grids etc. In addition, CISCO is working with a community in Florida in Lake Nona that when completed will be a smart-connected city.

2) Mobile money will continue to expand and become more powerful

In countries like Africa and Asia, banking and financial institutions are able to utilize mobile wallets and data to grow the use of mobile devices and transactions that take place over there. As a result, mobile penetration as hit 80 percent in Africa and is still growing at 4.2 percent annually. Which means that 8 in 10 Africans have a mobile device. New companies like Spinlet, the iTunes of Africa, have been growing like crazy. Spinlet has hit 650k subscribers thus far, and is projected to hit 50 million subscribers by 2016.

3) Wearable devices will spread to many different facets of life

We already have google glasses, Samsung smartwatch, and soon to be announced Apple iWatch, that have been appearing all over the place in one way shape or form. But are they really gonna catch on this year in 2014? Many have already been trying out google glasses and feel that they're too cumbersome and goofy looking and cause a lot of distraction when you're around other people. See video below of a popular comedian wearing google glasses in a mall and how the appear douchey in a real world setting. Only time will tell if these wearables will catch on.

4) iPads and tablets will become commonplace in education and many public schools

LA Unified school district has already committed to an enormous purchased of iPads that they're giving to their students. At $678 per iPad, the deal is said to be in excess of $433K, making it the largest purchase of the magnitude of any school district. Many more districts soon will follow LA's lead as they have seen an huge impact in the way that kids are learning today.

5) Mobile fitness devices will become even more popular

In 2014, mobile fitness devices are becoming more mainstream and will start to enter the competitive health care and fitness industry. Juniper Research released it's findings and they speculate that by 2018 the shipments of these wearable fitness devices will exceed 130 million. There will be several big name players in this market including, Amiigo fitness bracelet, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and Nike FuelBand, to name a few. All of these wearable devices will track everything that you're doing in a workout and let you know any stat that you can imagine.

6) The LTE subscribers will double while the old 4G LTE will be phased out

LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is basically the next generation of networks for smart phones and mobile devices that is 10 times faster than 3G. All sites load faster, apps will download faster and movies will play without pausing or skipping every 5 seconds. LTE is even better because it will cover long distances and still offer very high speed access.

7) The wearable devices

“In the coming decade, wearable technology will touch nearly every aspect of our lives. It will allow us to bring the power of the Internet to everything we do.” –Marcus Weller, Ph.D

Our devices will get more wearable, more intelligent and have much more in terms of variety. Our devices will get much smarter about where we are, where we're going and how to get there the fastest. These devices will offer much more usable features that will help with daily activities. Venture Capital funding for wearable devices has just surpassed $500 million and that number is rapidly increasing, reports CB Insights. The best devices are the ones that will provide the most usability in terms of functionality and doing tasks that will help us and speed things up for us.

8) Small or Microconsoles will enter the home gaming niche

Companies like Ouya are gearing up to produce a gaming system that is 20 percent less than the current xbox. There is a market for these home gaming systems that won't cost a fortune that many homes want to have. 2014 will see a drastic increase in the sales of these type os gaming consoles.

9) The growth of personal clouds will boom

The cloud is basically another word from storing data in cyberspace or a place that is easily duplicated in a small environment. The personal clouds will operate at home without the need for computer harddrives that become obsolete in a few months. The shift towards personal home clouds for storage will increase in 2014.

10) 3D printer sales will increase

3D printing is still fairly new but the technology is changing at a rapid pace. Most of the really good 3D printers are still fairly expensive and out of reach for a majority of consumers. 2014 will most likely see the costs of these 3D printers go down to make sales boom from the average consumer. Currently most 3D printers are being used by big name manufactures that use them to build real life models fast, that would've otherwise taken weeks or months to produce. Expect to see many new #d printers for home use to come on the market this year.

Well there you have it, the top 10 Tech Trends for 2014.

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