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The 5 Essential Elements of a Killer Direct Mail Sales Piece

The 5 Essential Elements of a Killer Direct Mail Sales Piece

One of the most valuable skills that you can have as a business owner, is copywriting or the ability to sell through words.

As a business owner, we all want to create that perfect direct mail piece that will get attention and bring us a flood of new prospects, but what is it about a particular sales piece that stands out from the crowd.

The best type of sales copy, is when it is written from the heart and also has a very conversational tone to it. Pretend like you're talking to a buddy at a bar, and try and write your sales copy like you speak. Forget about all the grammar and proper way to write like you learned in 8th grade English class, that type of proper copywriting has no place in a sales piece. Write copy that come from the heart, and displays human emotion that gets your audience to feel something.

You're not writing a novel or essay here, but rather writing like you talk and describing the benefits that your product or service will have for your clients. Think about the last time you were out with a buddy and he asked you about your business and what you best selling product was. You gladly talk to him with enthusiasm and energy and emotion telling him the great response your last mailer did for one of you big clients.

Now when your buddy hears you tell the story of how successful the last direct mail piece was for this big client, your buddy is engaged and is excited because he can think in term of how direct mail will work for his business. Your buddy can see the benefits. So now lets discuss the 5 crucial elements to a great direct mail sales piece.

The 5 Key Ingredients For A Direct Mail Piece That Gets Results.

When you're siting down to start to develop your perfect direct mail piece there are 5 crucial elements that your direct mail should have.

1. Your Message. This is where you talk about what your product is about. What does your product do that will benefit your customer? How is your product special or better than the competition? Why would someone want to purchase your product? What benefit or solutions would help your customer or prospect? Here you can jot down ideas that would help your customer make more money, save time, or get more leads. Always think in terms of how can your product benefit your customer.

2. Your Audience. Here is where you need to ask, who will be receiving your direct mail piece? Who is your target market? What do they already know about your services and what will you have to explain to them? What is it about your sales piece that will appeal to your audience the most?

3. Your Offer. Now you need to talk about what the offer is in your direct mail piece. Is your offer special price on your top product or are you offering a bonus? Will your audience receive a bonus if they order now as opposed to waiting to order at a later time? The best format for your direct mail offer, is to have a special price that is available for limited time only. You want your audience to order now. Make your direct mail piece have an incentive to order now and make sure that you have a call to action or instructions on what you want them to do next.

4. Your Voice. One of the most crucial elements to your direct mail sales piece, is the voice of your sales message. Is it personal or impersonal, a list of facts of does it contain information or benefits to your audience. The voice can be urgent, humorous, encouraging, or downright scary. You want to try and make the copy sound as if you're talking to a really good friend at the bar, make it conversational. And of course, you want to make sure that your audience can trust you so make sure that it sounds trustworthy.

5. Your Lingo. You want to make sure that your direct mail piece speaks to your audience and therefor has the same language and lingo that your audience would also use. If you have specific words that are specific to your business or niche, then use them but use them sparingly.

Well there you have it. The 5 essential elements of a killer direct mail sales piece. Since you know your product or service best and you love your business and also know about your competition, you're the best qualified for writing your direct mail that will get results.



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