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What is Variable Data Printing?

What is Variable Data Printing?

The other day, I received a postcard from an air conditioning place that was talking about getting my air conditioner serviced before the big heat wave approached. What really caught my eye with this postcard, is that it had my name on the copy in several places throughout the postcard.

So this postcard looked like it was personally addressed directly to me. I remember getting a similar piece of promo mail that was addressed to me and had both my name and my wife's name all over the copy. My first thought was, wow that is really cool how they did that.

Welcome to the world of Variable Data?

Variable data is basically a way that printing companies can take a prospect's name, and insert that name into a field. So that the advertisement looks so much more personal because it captures the person's name and insert it into a field.

This is exactly what happened when I received my first direct mail piece that had both my wife and my name inserted into the promo piece. Having no idea how they did that, I was very impressed and the mail brought some intrigue to me, because it was very clever and made me stop and open that mail.

This is what variable data printing is all about. As a business owner, you can now personalize your direct mail so that it can contain your prospects name, address, hobbies, etc or anything else that has been collected and stored on a database.

How to Use Variable Data to Get More Leads.

Every business is always looking for ways to expand their customer reach and also attract more customers. Sending direct mail to a targeted audience, and including variable data, is an excellent way to accomplish that goal. The response rate for a direct mail piece that has variable data extracted and plugged into the marketing material, is always going to be much higher than a generic piece of mail devoid of any personal data.

I mean think about it, if you receive some promotional direct mail and your name is in the copy like it was personally written to you, you're more likely going to respond to that specific direct mail piece. This is human nature. We always like to open mail that appears like it is addressed only to us and not a mass mailing that a million other people will get.

Now utilizing direct mail and variable data to get leads, is an art form and has to be done the right way. There are numerous printing companies out there that offer variable data as a service, but may fall short in actually carrying out a winning direct mail campaign.

How Can Comtech Help Your Business With Direct Mail and Variable Data?

Since Comtech has perfected the direct mail game and keeping shipping costs low, and also getting the most up-to-date business and consumer mailing lists, we know how to combine variable data to make your advertising dollars work for you. We know what works with direct

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