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How To Get Custom Apparel For Your Business

How To Get Custom Apparel For Your Business

This last Monday when I arrived at the office, a delivery came to my office that was a custom apparel order for a big client of ours. The box was pretty big, so I decided to open up and see the contents inside.

Apparel itemsThe supplier decided to include the extras that were embroidered with the initial order, as extras that we could then give to the client.

As I was looking over the work that was done on the hoodie sweatshirt, another client walked into my office. The first thing that this client said was "Wow, those are really cool, did you guys make those?" I said yeah they are pretty cool huh. I then went on to describe the process of getting the final corporate apparel shirts and sweatshirts made, and at the end of the conversation, this client decided to order 150 new apparel promo items for his business.

After this conversation I had with this particular client, it got me thinking. Why aren't more companies aware of promo items like apparel printing and embroidery and other promo items that we often print a ton of every month.

When I asked this client about the fact that he never ordered promo and apparel items before from us, he said "I never knew you guys could do that sort of stuff on t-shirts and hoodies."

What is Corporate Apparel?

If you ever go golfing and see those nike golf shirts that cost upwards of $100, you will know then what these custom apparel items are. In a nutshell, custom apparel is where the company will print or embroider their logo or design onto shirts, jackets, parkas, hoodies, etc and either give them away to clients as promotional items, or they will wear them for themselves.

At golf tournaments your will see plenty of these promo items all over the place. Often times you will see custom promo items on, pens, drink holders, shirts, hats, pads, and the list goes on and on. Often called "swag" this is a great way to have your brand name out there and be seen buy others.

Nike pays huge sums of money to sports starts to wear their promo items, and it works because people notice what kind of promo stuff that the pros are wearing.

Usually what we've found, is that the hardest part about promo products is having the client aware of the possibilities of custom apparel. Most business owners feel that having custom apparel and promo items is an afterthought and a waste of time and money. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

Having your company name or logo branded on a cool hat or tshirt, will get all kinds of responses. It is a subtle way to advertise and if the logo and design looks cool then many people will comment on it and it will bring you more business.

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I had several folks come up to me and ask me about my polo shirt I was wearing that had our corporate logo on it. Their main question was, "how do you get that done and how much does it cost?" The cost is very reasonable and we can get it done for your business in a matter of days.

My impression is that if these apparel items get so much attention, then why aren't more and more businesses having their custom apparel being worn all over the place by as many people as possible?

The conclusion seems to point to the fact that not much is known about promotional items by business owners. And who could blame them? Most of their time is spent putting out fires and handling the talks between the different departments heads of their company.

We've found that from our own experience with our clients, once they actually knew that we could create custom apparel and make them look cool, they ordered them.

Have you checked into getting corporate apparel and promotional items made for your business? You will be glad that you did!


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