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Augmented Realty and QR Codes are both effective technologies that enhance print mail pieces with digital content such as videos and webpages recipients view on their mobile devices.

Which digital enhancement is best for your campaign can depend on several factors, including the campaign goals and tracking requirements. While the user experience with both technologies is somewhat similar, there are several subtle, and some not so subtle differences between the two. Let's have a look:

QR code: the user can scan a “2D barcode” imprinted on a mail piece to view digital media on the web. This content can be a web page, a video file, pdf, contact info, etc.

  • One potential advantage of QR codes is personalization, that is, each recipient can be provided a unique QR code that will take them to a custom, personalized web page.

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How To Get Custom Apparel For Your Business

This last Monday when I arrived at the office, a delivery came to my office that was a custom apparel order for a big client of ours. The box was pretty big, so I decided to open up and see the contents inside.

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The 5 Essential Elements of a Killer Direct Mail Sales Piece

One of the most valuable skills that you can have as a business owner, is copywriting or the ability to sell through words.

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What is Variable Data Printing?

The other day, I received a postcard from an air conditioning place that was talking about getting my air conditioner serviced before the big heat wave approached. What really caught my eye with this postcard, is that it had my name on the copy in several places throughout the postcard.

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As a high-end printer here in Oklahoma City, we often hear our clients ask us how they need to send over the files to us. The most common way that we receive files is by way of upload through our ftp site on our website. However, there are still those occasions where we receive files on dis from clients and many times the files are missing elements.

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