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Are You Still Holding Off On A Website For Your Business?

Are You Still Holding Off On A Website For Your Business?

Yes the small business owner is usually the last one to think about having a website simply because they might think that it's still a pain to get off the ground. Everytime you look online at your competitors website, you think to yourself "man I need to get a website going and I need to do it soon."

So as the business owner you're probably thinking that the last time you spoke to a web development company, you left the meeting with a puzzled look on your face. How much is this website going to cost me? What are the ongoing fees involved? What do I need my website to actually do? And the questions keep on coming. This feeling of desperation leads to no action on your part, and another year goes by and you still don't have your business online.

Furthermore, you begin to wonder if you even need to have a website, because it seems like such a headache. And you're not alone. Here are some stats that prove that almost half of the small businesses do not yet have a website. (source).

Well let me be the first one to say, if you do have a business and you don't have a website, then how many customers are you losing to the competition?

How to get your business online in a very short time without breaking the bank.

The cost of a website today has drastically decreased from just a few short years ago. The technology for building websites has gotten more streamlined and easier for the average person to build their own webpage and get it out on the internet. However, like most owners of a small business, your time is valuable and the last thing you want to spend your precious time on is learning how to build a website.

Like most business owners that I talk to, they would much rather pay someone else to build their website so that they can continue to focus on their business and the daily tasks they have to do in order to make the business operate.

Picture this though, you're searching online for your business through the search engines like google, and your business and it's website don't appear in the search results. Why not?, you ask. Well the most common element to having search engines find your website, is to have your website optimized for the search engines.

What does it mean to have your website search engine optimized?

The topic of SEO, or search engine optimization, is a rather long one and has many different facets to it. The basic premise of SEO, is that your webpage and the contents on it can be easily found with the search engines. Search engines, like google, bing, yahoo, aol, etc. all operate with the same basic parameters in mind. Since google is the biggest search engine on the planet right now, the other search engines tend to follow what google does.

So in other words, if you rank well for google, then you will also rank well for the other search engines. The easiest way to make sure that your website is optimized for the search engines, is to have a professional SEO tech do all the leg work for your website. You can also do the SEO work yourself, however it can be a mystery even knowing where to start.

Some of the easiest ways to make sure that your webpage is optimized for the search engines, is to make sure that you understand how your title tags, meta tags, descriptions and H1 tags are set up. These are commonly referred to as on-page SEO. Make sure that all your pages have different elements of each one of these things. Failing to do so will make your site have duplicate content, which google frowns upon.

Another way to guarantee that google will love your site is to use google webmaster tools and spend time each day with maintenance on your site. Things like, no-follow, broken urls, 404 errors etc, are never a good thing in googles eyes and they will hurt your rankings if you let stuff like this go.

What do you need your website to focus on?

One of the main elements of your webpage, should be to get you new customers and also capture leads. Most web developers/designers are only interested in making your website look pretty and have no idea about marketing or SEO or capturing leads or copywriting or any of the things that make your website gain attention.

What you need to ask yourself, is what do you want your website to accomplish? Do you just want a brochure of your company on the web? Do you only want to show your friends how cool your website looks? Or do you want to make sure your potential customers can find you and do you want to get more leads?

Most business owners don't ask themselves these types of questions and aren't thinking of their website as a way to attract more business. You must have a focus to your website or it will probably end up like the millions of other websites online - a ghost town.

Is your website optimized for mobile devices?

This is a fast-paced world that we now live in and the days of looking through a yellowpage book to find a business are over. Today, most people go online or search using their smartphones to find solutions to their problems. If you business does not have website, then how many customers are you losing?

In addition, most local searches are done using their smart phone and if your website isn't mobile optimized, then you will lose those potential customers because your website looks horrible. Google will also penalize your site if it isn't mobile optimize.

Only 6% Of Top 100 Fortune 500 Companies Have Sites That Comply With Google’s Mobile Requirements

Is your business online? If not, then hopefully you can now see a reason to have one built now.

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