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Graphic design is a competitive field of employment. A mix of talent, technical skill and creativity need constant updating for every designer.

Whether a seasoned creative professional or just out of college, designers must keep a deep tool chest to remain sharp. Below are five online resources every designer should use.

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Spot varnish has long been a mainstay of the offset print world.

Creating visual appeal and tactile impact with a sense of luxury and expense required, well, actual expense. Large print runs were more suited to manage per piece cost due to extra setup requirements.

Now, with increased availability of short run digital spot varnish, the technique can benefits a larger range of print projects.

A Varnish is a quick drying, liquid coating applied to a print piece. Spot Varnish is the use of varnishing on only specific parts or shapes of a printed piece. As an extra step in the printing process, spot varnish traditionally involves more cost and production time. Digital spot varnishing ameliorates these concerns by varnishing while printing, with reduced setup requirements.

What Can a Varnish Do for you?

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Voting for the eighth annual okc.BIZ 2016 Best of Business Awards presented by Comtech is now open.

A banker needs health insurance and an architect needs an accountant.  We are asking businesses to share who their preferred business-to-business partners are in 24 industry categories.

The Best of Business program honors business-to-business favorites chosen by readers of okc.BIZ in 24 categories. Readers, peers and customers can vote online at this link VOTE4BOB  or at www.okc.biz to determine the best among Oklahoma vendors, suppliers and business partners.  Voting ends February 5, 2016 at 5:00pm.

The top five Best of Business 2016 honorees in each category will be awarded and receive recognition at the luncheon to be held at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel Oklahoma City on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

The businesses that receive the most votes in each category will be announced at the luncheon and will receive additional recognition and accolades. The 2016 Best of Business winners will also be featured in the March 30, 2016 issue of Oklahoma Gazette, online at okc.BIZ and in the official 2016 Best of Business awards magazine.

When you are championed by your customers, you deserve to be proud of your successes and accomplishments,” Publisher Bill Bleakley said. “The group honored as Best of Business represents a high level of dedication and service.

Vote online at this link VOTE4BOB or at www.okc.biz today!

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