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Variable Data Printing increases response rates seven times over conventional direct mail.

Direct mail campaigns have always depended on accurate, well targeted mailing lists for success. With the addition of Variable Data Printing, direct mail engages recipients in a personalized way.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) targets each recipient with a with customized mail piece. Copy, images, colors, graphics and even offers can change on each piece in a single print run. This allows the use of data to enhance relevance of the campaign for each individual.

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Cross Channel

For many copywriters, the blank page represents new possibilities and fresh opportunities. For others, it is a nightmarish white-scape of overwhelming pressure. Regardless of where your mindset falls, getting started is the only way to proceed.

Every copywriter collects their own bags of tricks over time. Below is a brief examination of free online tools used at Comtech for mediating copywriting speed bumps.

1. Blog Topic Generator

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Knowledge is the New Money....
And Building Wealth is easier than you think!

Cross Channel

Finally, someone who's actually done it, and is creating real millionaires across the globe, is coming to teach you the strategies, philosophies and steps you can take right now, in this market, to make your dreams and goals a reality.

In just one night Brad Sugars is going to change the way you think about money, wealth, business and property forever. His own success and the success of literally hundreds of thousands of business owners, property investors and complete novices following his system before you is proof enough that anyone can learn how to become wealthy.

4 Reasons why anyone serious about business, property and wealth should attend this seminar. . .

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