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There are always multiple ways to get a job done in Photoshop. If you employ graphic designers, or are one yourself, this quick video tutorial will help increase productivity.

Cross Channel

Every C-suite exec is under scrutiny to bring home the bacon. And, for the CMO, there’s no better way to do so than to achieve true customer success.

That term is pretty elusive to a CEO and his or her business counterparts, who claim they’ve been focused on making customers happy since the beginning of time.

But for customer success teams who are in the trenches with customers, they know it means truly connecting with every contact at a customer organization through their entire lifecycle — which takes more than wining and dining.




It's no secret that an effective subject line is of prominent importance for the success of any email marketing campaign.

Cross Channel

If an email is not opened, it has not only been ineffective, it may be causing some measure of brand tarnish. An unwanted message is associated with the sender, so it is imperative that the subject line be compelling.

Much has already been written about crafting the perfect subject line, and online checkers are readily available to assist marketers. In this study, 5 different approaches to developing a subject line are examined. Most email messages will lend them selves to several styles, or even combinations.

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