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It's no secret that an effective subject line is of prominent importance for the success of any email marketing campaign.

Cross Channel

If an email is not opened, it has not only been ineffective, it may be causing some measure of brand tarnish. An unwanted message is associated with the sender, so it is imperative that the subject line be compelling.

Much has already been written about crafting the perfect subject line, and online checkers are readily available to assist marketers. In this study, 5 different approaches to developing a subject line are examined. Most email messages will lend them selves to several styles, or even combinations.

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Comtech has been a trusted business partner to small businesses, large businesses, non-profits, universities and financial institutions for over 15 years.

Cross ChannelIn that time, multiple technologies and procedures have been implemented to insure the privacy and security of customer information and data. Now Comtech is taking the next step in providing customers the best assurance possible that their information is secure.

In 2016, Comtech will have completed preparations to undergo an objective evaluation of the procedures and controls that address Comtech’s information and data security.


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If you’re not following this simple approach to enhance your marketing, you are leaving real money on the table.

Cross Channel

Direct Mail, despite it’s (undeserved) reputation as "old fashioned", is still the most effective direct marketing channel.

In house customer lists easily clear 3.7% response rates on average, compared to .062% for a combination of primary digital channels (social, email, display, paid and mobile).*

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