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What is SEO, and why should you care?

In part one of a three part series of short, informative videos exploring Search Engine Optimization, we look at the basics of what SEO for businesses is about.

Click below for 3 important things to understand about SEO.

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Well, more accurately, short-run opaque digital white printing.

No longer the exclusive product of expensive screen printing or specialty offset press jobs, digital printing now allows for the striking use of white printing on dark solid paper.

Digital white is a separate, opaque print layer that is applied in the same print run as the full color elements. This can allow vibrant, full color images on dark or even black stocks that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Additionally, digital white can be used to create stunning monochrome images on black or color stocks.

How can Digital White benefit your print jobs?

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Mobile Web SEO

When Google talks to marketers, it pays to listen.

Organic search remains an important part of a complete SEO strategy. With the mobile web gaining relevance over the desktop, now is the time to protect your sites ranking.

Google recently updated it's guidelines for improving SEO for your sites mobile users. Below we list 5 common mobile site mistakes to avoid.

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