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High-Quality Postcards That Target Your Customers

Are You Looking For A Way To Reach Targeted Prospects?

If you're searching for a way to target customers that are searching for your business, then sending them postcards is a great way to do that. At Comtech, direct mail is our specialty and we know how to do it right! Postcards are one of those custom items that our customers love to print. And they always want their postcards to be custom and of course high-quality.

Postcards have a high response rate.

Our customers love to print and mail out postcards, because of the high response rate that postcards have. They are usually smaller than most envelopes and stand out among the various letters that you typically get in the mail. We can print on both sides of the postcards for your business, and add impressive custom addresses and any corporate info that you want to include. Postcard printing is what we do best, so call us now.

Why Choose Comtech to Print Your Postcards?

Here at Comtech, we are experts in printing high-quality postcards, but we can also show you how to save a bundle on your mailing and shipping costs. Our expert Account Managers are experienced in developing solutions that work with your budget to deliver the most bang for your buck. Comtech also has a professional graphic design department and pre-press experts so that you can feel confident that your postcard will look amazing when it is printed.

Mailing Lists

Comtech also has the best business and consumer mailing lists available, so that you can target your customers and make sure that you're business is sending your postcards to the appropriate recipient getting you the most return on investment.

Printing Strategies

Also, check out these other things that we can print on:

Apparel Printing
Promotional Items Printing
Variable Data Printing
Poster and Banner Printing

We Print Postcards

Give Me A Chance To Ask You 5 Questions, And I'll Make Sure You're Not Wasting A Small Fortune On Postcards.

Before you decide to print thousands of postcards, and have them mailed and delivered to your prospects, call Comtech now (405) 843-3185 and speak to one of our experienced Account Managers. Let us help you plan your next postcard mailing, and get the most from your advertising dollars.
We can also create personalized postcards for you by utilizing our Variable Data Printing and design elements that will get you amazing results.
Call Comtech Now (405) 843-3185

Call (405) 843-3185 and let Comtech help you make your marketing a direct success.

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Variable Data Printing
Offset Printing
Digital Printing
Personalized Letters
Envelope Printing
Inkjet Addressing
  • Variable Data Printing

    Variable data printing allows you to change names, dates, messages, photos, and more for each individual mail piece in a single print run. This customization not only captures attention, but contains content that is relevant to each unique recipient.

    You are unique.

    So are the other 315 million people in the U.S. So why send the exact same mail piece to every recipient? Variable data printing allows you to change photos, messages, maps, and more for each individual mail piece in a single print run.


  • Offset Printing

    If you need to print a large quantity of postcards, mailers etc, then offset printing will be the way to go. This is the highest quality printing available and will make your collateral pieces really stand out. We can print on a variety of different paper stocks and coatings to make even the most demanding customer very satisfied.

    The Best Option.

    If you're looking for high quality, high quantity printing then Offset Printing is the way to go.

    Presstek 34Di 4-Color Offset Printing

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing is for those customers that want to print a smaller run, while still getting the highest possible quality too. Simply provide us with a disk on file so that we can print directly from disk. Or you can upload your file directly from our website and let us take it from there.

    The Best Option.

    For smaller quantity, or custom printing with quick turn-around and less waste, then Digital Printing will better suite your needs.

    Canon Imagepress C7000

  • Personalized Letters

    The best way to get customers to respond to your letters, is to make them personal and customized. Having your own personalized letter will make your marketing stand out from the crowd and get results.

    No need to send a generic form letter.

    Add personalization and customization to your documents for improved return rates.

  • Envelope Printing

    Why send the same old boring envelope? At Comtech, we can print your own personalized envelopes and have your brand name on each one. Let Comtech print envelopes that have your custom logos or graphics or anything else that you can dream up.

    Add some visual flair to your envelope.

    Not only can we print mailing information and Intelligent Mail Barcodes, but also custom messaging, graphics, and company logos.


  • Inkjet Addressing.

    Let Comtech use our Inkjet Addressing for your marketing. Addressing can be completed on coated, uncoated and heavy stocks (even aqueous and UV coated). This type of inkjet addressing will not smear, like most other address printing.

    Envelope inkjet addressing